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We're trying a new experiment - Crowd Shopping! Based on the simple idea that making in bulk - think Costco or Groupon - is so much more efficient, we're offering up one of our most popular items at 40% off. There's just one catch - we need to sell at least 15 of them to make the discount pay off on our end. If we can get orders for 15 Comet Fade Pendants in yellow gold fade in 7 days (until August 10), we'll sell them at 40% off!

In order to participate, simply purchase online through this page. Your credit card will be authorized, but we will not actually process the payment until 15 pendants are sold. (If we don't sell 15, your authorization will be cancelled and nothing will be charged to your card.) Once we sell 15 pendants, we'll receive payment and start production - pendants will ship in 4 - 5 weeks! (Its a little longer than usual, since the pieces will be made after all orders are received.) We will check in with you via email to keep you up to date on the progress of the sale.

There's no restriction per customer (buy more than one if you like!) and you're welcome to share this page with friends  - feel free to share it on social media! 

And feel free to let us know how you like this idea!  If you do, we may try it again!

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