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Give to the Max Day Sale

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Give to the Max Day is November 15, and I’m hosting an event to support an organization that is dear to my heart – the Minnesota Literacy Council!

For the past two years, I’ve been a volunteer English teacher at the Council’s Open Door Learning Center in Northeast Minneapolis. At their six Twin Cities locations, they offer free classes in English, civics, job readiness, computer skills and GED preparation for adults. When I teach, I get to see the impact of gaining English fluency, which helps people become more successful in the community, at work, at school, and in their everyday lives. It has been a joy getting to know my students and watching them progress!

I invite you to support the Minnesota Literacy Council too – and I’m going to make it fun with jewelry! During my Give to the Max Day Sale, I’ll donate 25% of the price of each item sold. The sale will be held both online and at my studio. 

Here are the details: 

Thursday, November 15 – Sunday, November 18
Purchase anytime online or contact me to purchase directly.

Saturday, November 17; from 11am – 4pm
Visit my studio to shop in person, and enjoy coffee and pastries! 


You’re calling it a “sale” – are prices actually reduced?
No…but kind of yes... 
The total price is not marked down, but you can feel great knowing that 25% of the price of each piece will go to a fantastic organization. AND, if you're shopping online, use the discount code GIVEMAX to get free shipping!

What collections are included?
ALL of them! Shop at both Karin Jacobson Fine Jewelry and Superkarin Jewelry, online or in person. This includes special orders for items made to size. The only thing not included is custom design.

Can I use my donation as a tax write off?
Yes...if you make your donation separately.

I’m offering two ways to shop: The first way is just to purchase the item, and I will donate 25% of the price of that item after the sale is over. It’s the simplest way (and the only way when shopping online), but because I’ll be making those donations as one big payment at the end, you will not get your own tax donation form.

The second way involves one extra step, but you get the write off. If you donate 25% of the price of the item directly to the Minnesota Literacy Council (I’ll have donation forms available at my studio, or you can donate on their website), then I’ll give you 25% off your purchase. It’s the same price in the end, but you get the tax credit!

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