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The Story of a Custom Design

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Have you ever considered having a custom design made? Have you wondered what the process would be? Here's the story of one custom design, from start to finish!

A client came to me with a ring and pair of earrings. She loved the color of the stones, but didn't love the ring & earring styles and so never actually wore them.  She was hoping that I could turn them into a cocktail ring.

We met to discuss the design, did some quick sketches and came up with a plan, and I proceeded to carve a custom wax. The wax is necessary to mold and cast the piece, but it is also a fantastic way to see a 3D model of the ring that she will ultimately get. After the model is made, the client can come and see it in person, or as in this client's case, I sent photos of the ring from all angles so she could see how it would look. This way, we can make any necessary changes in the wax - much simpler and less expensive than changing the final product! In this case, no changes were needed and so the process went forward.

The next step is to have the ring molded and cast. (This is an amazing & fun process, but since I am a one-woman shop, I've opted not to own the equipment and to send it to a casting company instead. But with my background in casting - I worked for years at a company where I did a lot of casting - I know how to best design a ring for the casting process.)

When I get the cast ring back, its time to cut off the sprue (that's the little stem of metal at the bottom is where the molten silver flows into the mold) and finish the ring - this means filing, sanding, polishing and setting the stones.

And after a final polish...voilá! A new cocktail ring!!



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