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About SuperKarin

    Q&A with SuperKarin

    Ms. Q: Hey, SuperKarin! Tell us how you became a superhero.
    SK: Well, Ms. Q, it all started with intergalactic volunteer know, you see a problem in the universe, and want to lend a hand to help out. But I really made the transition from volunteer to superhero when I got my super stylish yellow jumpsuit.

    Ms. Q: So, fashion is part of a your superhero brand, so to speak?
    SK: Absolutely. Look, even I don't get up every single morning ready to face the evil Dr. Helix ... some days I'm just not feeling it and I really have to psych myself up! But once I put on my jumpsuit and slam that Alert Ring on my finger, I know I'm ready to go out and face the galaxy.
    Accessories can really help you feel ready to take on the universe!

    Ms. Q: What is your favorite accessory?
    SK: Number one has to be my Alert Ring - how else would I know when the citizens of the galaxy need my help? But a close second place is my Dragonfly Necklace - it's a little trophy of my epic battle at Dr. Helix's lab, and I wear it at all times to remind me to always be on the watch - especially for robogenetic mutant insects.

    Ms. Q: Do you have a partner in crime-solving?
    SK: I work alone. But I do have a special someone who holds down the home-pod while I'm out keeping the universe safe. Nick Danger, is the best partner a superhero could ask for - he's smart and funny, and he loves to bake! (He is known throughout the galaxy for his hot sweet buns, which are my favorite treat after a big mission.) And I should mention that he's also an accomplished scientist - a doctor of Quantum Medicine, best known for his discovery of the Fabulo-particle - so you should probably call him Dr. Danger.

    Ms. Q: Do you ever take vacations?
    SK: Well, I ... WAIT! My Alert Ring - something is wrong! I've got to go ...

    To Be Continued ...